SmartPlant® Review

API Module

SmartPlant Review API module includes programming libraries that allow developers to create programs that run on SmartPlant Review, though the API module is not a requirement to run the custom applications, merely to create them. The on-line programmers' reference manual contains a complete list of function calls and programming examples. Key features include:

  • API Library - Interfaces with the API as a C library function that can be linked into your application program to control SmartPlant Review functions. These functions give your application direct control over the working of SmartPlant Review instead of just sending commands that a user would enter. This gives your application more control and flexibility. Your VB programs may also be linked in similar fashion.
  • Save VUE file - Provides the ability to create a VUE file while inside SmartPlant Review.
  • Snapshot - Defined in Construction Module section.
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