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Photo Realism Module

Photo Realism Module RenderingSmartPlant Review's Photo Realism module will take your still images to a new level of quality. Raytracing a 3D model creates depth and realism. You control lighting and display attributes for a realistic image with textures, patterns, shadows, and reflections, improving communication to clients and managers. Features include realistic material definitions, unlimited light sources, and unsurpassed photo matching capabilities. Visualize designs during each stage of the development process and create powerful presentations that communicate and sell your ideas. You can load high-quality still renderings fast, enable viewing across the Web, and access associated documents and information.

  • Material Editor (to define and create materials) – Lets you establish characteristics for rendering your model. You can select an element's color, attach and manipulate patterns using real world patterning, smooth and drape material on an object, and manipulate the color of a pattern. The Material Editor interface has been improved to make it more flexible and easier to use. Material Editor enables you to create or choose colors and patterns easily for customizing your design appearance, then quickly adjust them for improved realism.
  • Texture Shading – Displays the material definitions that include patterns and textures such as dirt, marble, wood and brick. Textures may be displayed for stills or animations.
  • Hi-res Printing – Create a wall size print of your model fast. The high resolution printing option allows you to determine the x and y image resolution. Advanced tiling functionality does it fast.
  • Snapshot – Defined in Construction Module section.
  • Stereo Viewing – Use an infrared emitter and polar stereo glasses hardware to bring your model out of the screen. Set your eye separation and target.
  • Patterns Plus CD – The visualization resource library is filled with over 800 patterns, textures, and models. The library will save you time and effort by keeping you from having to create your own standard patterns and models. Request a Patterns Plus CD
    (requires valid SmartPlant Review license).
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