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ViZfx Web Pro

If you've been looking for a way to apply sophisticated special effects to your animations, special web projects, or video, ViZfx Web Pro is for you!
Create a production that's as original as it is spectacular. Watch your new effects flow smoothly together in the high-resolution preview window. Get started now with ViZfx Web Pro and add sizzle to your pages!

12 Deforms - Walks, folds and spindles images like a piece of paper
14 Composites - Combines two images into one animation with movement, fading, and transparency
9 Waves - Wiggles and distorts an image as if it were on a trampoline or a flag waving in the breeze
11 Blasts - Simulates an explosion by blowing-up your images into any number of pieces
11 Concentric Blinds - Uses rings to transition or morph from one image to the next
10 Embosses - Apply highlights and shadows to make your images appear metallic or carved in wood
2 Chromators - Makes your images look as if they were taken 200 years ago or just add more color to them

ViZfx Web Pro is a collection of high-end special effects you can use to create dynamic and original web graphics, animation, and video. Whether you want an image still or an animated sequence, ViZfx Web Pro gives you the power you need to follow your imagination to its limits.


Extensive File Format Support

  • Supports AVI, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PICT, TGA, and TIFF files
  • Two input files can be used to create an effect or effect sequence
  • A single image or an animated sequence can be used as an input file
  • Save your work to a variety of common formats
  • Retains transparent information when inserting GIF images
  • Customization of output quality and file size for GIF, AVI, or JPEG
  • Animations conform to animated GIF89a specifictions
  • Easy-to-use Interface
High-resolution preview window
  • Animation viewers play your animation in real time
  • Sizable window for convenient workspace control
  • Zoom control for convenient image viewing and placement
  • 32-bit performance
  • Flexible Effects control
Apply multiple effects to your image or images
  • String effects together to create a single image or sequence of images
  • Specify the actual duration of video or animation to be inserted
  • Variable number of loops and loop types
  • Customizable effect parameters so you can create your own unique effects
  • Global and local palette support

System Requirements


  • Microsoft® Windows 95®/98, or higher; or Windows NT® 4.0 or higher operating system
  • An Intel®-based PC with a 486/66 processor
  • At least 16 megabytes of RAM (minimum)
  • 12-bit (4096) display color
  • 800 x 600 display resolution
  • 6 megabytes of free disk space for installation
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or greater
  • An Intel Pentium® or Pentium Pro® processor
  • 32 megabytes of RAM
  • True color (16.7M colors)
  • 1024 x 768 or better
  • OpenGL® capability

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