SmartPlant® Review

On-Site Drawing Generation Module

Screen shot of On-site Generation Module outputThe SmartPlant® Review On-Site Drawing Generation Module is a powerful, versatile product that allows you to bring design and drawing capabilities from the office to your project site. This module features fast, intelligent hidden line display capability – your drawing maintains intelligence even when displayed in hidden-line mode. The module also improves communication, because you control the way the drawing will appear to others. Additionally, by reducing the time required to process and display hidden line removal from hours to a fraction of a second, the On-Site Drawing Generation Module saves time and money.


  • Intelligent hidden-line display, which allows you to view information associated with the model
  • Less time required for the processing and completion of hidden-line display
  • Ease of use – even the most casual user can navigate the 3D model and produce a quick hidden-line drawing
  • Improved communication, since designs are presented in a clear, easily understandable way
  • Two-dimensional drawing and printing capabilities, provided by SmartSketch® (included with the module)
  • Easy integration with the SmartPlant Review Simulation and Visual Effects Module, providing hidden-line animation capabilities
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