SmartPlant® Review

Point Cloud Integrator Module

The SmartPlant Review Point Cloud Integrator Module offers vendor-neutral point cloud data integration with the plant modeling software environment.

Integration of point cloud data within SmartPlant Review helps lower the time, effort, and cost of process plant retrofit engineering and construction projects. It extends the use of 3D CAD to more projects. Point cloud integration also helps in the planning of existing plant remodeling by coupling existing plant configuration provided by point cloud scans with 3D model displays.

Leica Geosystems, Trimble, Quantapoint, and LFM Software provide interfaces to SmartPlant Review that allows existing conditions captured with laser scanners to be viewed in the design environment, or in a walkthrough design review environment.

Key Features

  • Enables complete SmartPlant Review navigation features, including walk-through, with laser data display
  • Select a laser scan point in SmartPlant Review to activate an image of the scan (bubble view)
  • Accurate measurements in English or metric between laser data and graphic objects
  • Move design objects and report collisions with laser data
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