SmartPlant® Review

Simulation and Visual Effects Module

SmartPlant Review's Simulation and Visual Effects module brings life to your 3D model. It simulates the placement or removal of equipment to review physical clearances as well as performs motion studies and develops complex motion scenarios. Used in conjunction with the SmartPlant Review – Construction module, you can visually simulate the construction process. Review the simulation on screen or create animations for output to video.

  • Animation – Create an animation of the sequence by saving frames to disk (create animation paths – one or many – through your models by defining keyframes). Then, compile the frames into an .AVI file, or output to videotape with SmartPlant Review's digital video editing software. Import animation frames into the non-linear digital video editor provided with SmartPlant Review. Also supports object motion, so you can animate the movement of objects in your model. See it in ActionSave your animation at the resolution and size you need, and apply anti-aliasing to produce sharp, clear images. Add special effects, titles, and sound, and output to videotape for effective presentations.
  • ViZfx Web Pro – a collection of high-end special effects you can use to create dynamic and original Web graphics, animation, and video. Animation improves communication by creating realistic client presentations for visual simulations and analysis.
  • Snapshot – Defined in Construction Module section.
  • Snapshot animation – Used to create high qualilty animation sequences. Compatible with the Construction module to record the simulation of the construction process. Can be used to create high quality anti-aliased images of any resolution. Includes support for standard output types like .bmp and .jpg.
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