Intergraph SmartTM Data Validator

Meeting the challenge of
ensuring data quality

Business Benefits

  • Reduce time and cost associated with data handover
  • Ensure quality of data delivered from contractors, suppliers and vendors
  • Improve engineering data integrity
  • Accelerate commissioning and start-up due tohigher data quality

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Monitoring and maintaining data quality is a challenging task. It is even more difficult to manage when data is being moved from one source to another, like during project handover, brownfield data take-on, and data loads or migrations. Poor mapping or inadequate validation of data during these processes results in data that is untrustworthy and recurring costs for the remainder of the facility life.

Intergraph SmartTM Data Validator is a comprehensive data validation, transformation, and migration platform that helps you significantly reduce the time and costs associated with data handover:

  • Check the quality of information being transferred
  • Keep records of which checks have been performed and the results obtained
  • Load approved information into target systems
  • Route unapproved information back to responsible parties for remediation

How it works

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