SmartPlant® Spoolgen®

Business Benefits



A set of spool drawings from a single design isometric can be created in 15 minutes or less. This is because SmartPlant Spoolgen completely automates drawing production, using ISOGEN to create industry-standard deliverables. All the user needs to do is “mark up” the locations of field welds. The spooling algorithm will do the rest. No drafting is required. As a result, companies have reported a tenfold improvement in drawing productivity.


SmartPlant Spoolgen boosts efficiency because it enables you to employ relatively unskilled or junior engineering resources and yet still create high-quality drawings and reports. Users do not need a detailed knowledge of CAD to use SmartPlant Spoolgen.


You can achieve deliverables accuracy by eliminating the possibility of transcription error. Data supplied from the design contractor is preserved through the SmartPlant Spoolgen workflow. For example, when a single design isometric is split into multiple spool sheets, the material take off is automatically divided so that the correct material is assigned to each sheet.


Many companies report that a significant benefit of using SmartPlant Spoolgen is the consistency of the output. In contrast, when manual or CAD-based drafting is used, the individual style of the draftsman can vary considerably from drawing to drawing and project to project.SmartPlant Spoolgen is completely automated. This means that all drawings can be configured so that they have a consistent presentation. This helps to improve communication between engineering and the fabrication shop.

Quality Assurance

SmartPlant Spoolgen provides a number of features that help to ensure a high-quality work process. The built-in database automatically tracks all revisions of every pipeline. This enables the fabricator to quickly identify changes between revisions and detect errors and inconsistencies in the data supplied by the design contractor. For example, the user can easily determine if the delivered drawing does not match the data from which it was apparently derived.

Workflow Integration

Successful companies strive to continually improve their overall efficiency. SmartPlant Spoolgen can be integrated in any automated workflow using the built-in configuration and customization tools. Typically, the challenge is to procure and assemble materials in time to efficiently fabricate piping spools in a workshop and then to deliver those spools, together with any erection items needed to complete the assembly, to the site in a sensible sequence.

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