SmartPlant® Spoolgen®

Key Features


Workflow Management System

SmartPlant Spoolgen has an integrated workflow management system. The user logs into a project, which represents a set of pipeline isometrics from the design contractor. Multiple users can access the files within a project.


SmartPlant Spoolgen commands typically enable the addition of new information to the existing design. The user is not able to delete components in the pipeline, or to change dimensions of pipe, so that design integrity is maintained.


SmartPlant Spoolgen offers a powerful automation function – Get External Data - that enables data from external sources to be added to the pipeline. This means that tables of data – for example, welding procedures – can be held in external data sources such as spreadsheets and databases and automatically associated with welds in the pipeline.

Fabrication-friendly Isometrics

The splitting of piping systems into individual pipelines (isometrics) is managed by the piping design contractor. On occasion, the logic used for splitting – for example, by plant area – results in a less than ideal work package for the piping fabricator. SmartPlant Spoolgen allows material to be moved between drawing sheets or for multiple pipelines to be merged together. This enables optimal work breakdown.


SmartPlant Spoolgen is integrated with SmartPlant Foundation – the basis of the SmartPlant Enterprise suite. SmartPlant Spoolgen drawings and data can be published for retrieval by SmartPlant Materials and SmartPlant Construction.


In addition to I-Data Integrator and I-Tools, SmartPlant Spoolgen also provides a number of other utilities:

  • SmartPlant Isometrics – This application is used if new pipeline data must be generated, or if minor changes are required to existing pipelines to reflect as-built conditions (for example, the addition of vents or drains).
  • SmartPlant I-Configure – This application is used to configure drawings and reports from SmartPlant Spoolgen.
  • Symbol Editor – Take advantage of this application to create and modify user-defined 2D symbols for use by ISOGEN.
  • Material Editor – You can manage material reference data for use in SmartPlant Spoolgen. These are typically additional items that are not included in the pipeline data from the design contractor.
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