Business Benefits

SmartSketch technology provides intelligence at the end of your cursor which allows you to focus on your design, rather than on how to design. Here are the benefits of using the right tool:

  • SmartSymbols – Intelligent symbols that align, snap, and rotate precisely
  • SmartLabels – Labels that display dynamic attribution updates on objects and symbols
  • SmartDimensions – Features to annotate and modify designs; geometry that reflects dimensional changes or dimensions that reflects geometry changes
  • Relationship and alignment indicators – Features that provide visual feedback as you draw
  • Connectors – Intelligent routing that maintains connections between objects and symbols
  • Revision Cloud command – Places a revision cloud in a drawing
  • Mask command – Masks out underlying graphics without deleting or trimming
  • Convert command (rectangle) – Converts a rectangle to four individual lines
  • Drop Dimension to Graphics command – Drops a dimension to a group of simple element types
  • SmartSelect command (formerly Polygon Fence Locate) – New features include Select Chain, Invert Selection, and Filter On/Off
  • Reorder Sheets command – Reorder sheet positions in a document
  • Save as PDF command – Supports pure black-and-white option
  • Cursor position (XY coordinate) – Displays in status bar
  • Save as DWG – Optionally creates a single DWG file for a SmartSketch file with multiple attached SmartFrames

Even if you're new to CAD, SmartSketch will help you become productive in quick sketching, complex engineering design, or production drawing. Draw your ideas spontaneously and accurately, and instantly transform drawings into precise CAD geometry, such as plot plans, business diagrams, facilities management plans, building services schematics, electrical engineering schematics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, factory layouts, fluid power diagrams, and network diagrams.

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