Key Features

The many features and associated capabilities provided by SmartSketch include:

  • Relationships
    SmartSketch automatically creates and maintains relationships between geometric elements, substantially reducing editing time, providing rapid prototyping during design iterations, and improving design accuracy and time.
  • Parametrics
    SmartSketch allows users to investigate "what if" design scenarios by driving them as functions of various design parameters.
  • CAD Translation
    SmartSketch translates/references data from other CAD products, allowing you to view, edit, or redline CAD data.
  • Microsoft Office-Compatible
    SmartSketch provides cut, copy, paste, and link capabilities among Microsoft Windows® applications, allowing users to create compound project documentation with graphics, text, and spreadsheet information.
  • Intelligent Symbols
    SmartSketch enables behaviors on symbols to automatically snap to geometry, align, and rotate during placement, reducing the number of steps required to add/modify symbols.
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