PowerPack Tools

The PowerPack contains additional tools for SmartSketch to make you more productive. Tools for Version 3 and Version 4 are available. There are no PowerPack tools for Version 5, since the tools were integrated into the full Version 5 product. These tools are not supported, however we do encourage your feedback if you encounter a problem.

The PowerPack tools include:

  • Find – Selects objects based on object type, symbology, style, layer, etc.
  • Split – Splits or divides objects into equal segments
  • Dimension Override – Overrides the dimension value on a driven dimension
  • Grid Intensity – Lightens or darkens the grid
  • Polygon – Places a polygon with N number of sides (V4 only)
  • Save as Bitmap – Saves the graphics on the active sheet to a bitmap (.bmp) (V4 only)
  • Report Generator – Designs new reports based on symbol attributes

Additional System Requirements:

  • SmartSketch V3 or V4
  • 1 MB disk space


  • Version 3
       - Site 1 (Asia/Pacific)
       - Site 2 (Europe)
       - Site  3 (U.S.)
         File size: 980kb
  • Version 4 (requires SP1)
       - Site 1 (Asia/Pacific)
       - Site 2 (Europe)
       - Site 3 (U.S.)
         File size: 1.08mb

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