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Plant Design & Construction Workflow Value Proposition

Plant Design
FrameWorks Plus fully supports PDS. You can create structural models of plants and, through an interface to PDS, share the most recent project data across your workplace and around the world.

The interface with PDS makes interference checking a breeze. Simply pull your structural models into PDS to see if there are conflicts with pipes or equipment, with clashes tagged for your review. And through a link to SmartPlant Review, you can even take visual walkthroughs.

FrameWorks Plus integrates with the engineering and construction workflow. More than just a CAD program, FrameWorks Plus provides intelligent graphics that support easy modeling, analysis, and reporting. Its two-way link to STAAD-III and GT STRUDL makes it an ideal preprocessor for analysis, so you won't have to use text editors for modeling. And with the most recent data stored in a central location, your material takeoffs and bills of materials will always be accurate and easy to access.

Drawing & Modeling Workflow Value Proposition

FrameWorks Plus provides easy-to-use 2D/3D drafting and modeling tools that are guaranteed to save you time and effort. While you draw 2D construction plans, FrameWorks Plus will create 3D physical and analytical models at the same time.

Because FrameWorks Plus allows you to place physical members rather than finite elements into your models, you can actually draw them as they would be constructed. Supported by up-to-the-minute data in a central location that feeds your whole enterprise, your FrameWorks Plus models actually have intelligence associated with them. When you change any element, all occurrences of that element will be adjusted automatically – in all views.

When your day is done, you can link to visualization software to take a visual walk through your model and see it as if you were actually there. Then you can run interference checking with other programs to make sure your structures fit with piping and equipment models, significantly reducing field errors.

Reporting & Detailing Workflow Value Proposition

FrameWorks Plus allows you to produce customized reports – including bills of materials, material takeoffs, and center-of-gravity reports – at any time during design or construction. Automatically, you can feed spreadsheets with model data for use in your business applications. There is no data re-entry, so you'll make fewer errors. And because you'll be accessing the most current data, your reports will always be accurate.

FrameWorks Plus supports the industry-standard Steel Detailing Neutral File (SDNF) format, so you'll be able to send your design to steel detailing vendors. This allows steel detailers to read your FrameWorks Plus models without having to redraw them, ensuring drawing consistency and reducing costly errors.

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