Application Interoperability

Achieve Enterprise Integration
and Information Exchange

Application Interoperability supports enterprise integration, information-sharing, and the implementation of customer-specific, service-side business rules by interfacing I/CAD with Microsoft BizTalk Server. This integration framework includes services for connecting I/CAD messages to and from external systems, an orchestration engine to apply business rules and transform messages in and out of I/CAD, and the ability to invoke I/CAD commands via other application products.

Application Interoperability, based on Microsoft BizTalk, provides application interoperability with I/CAD, so you can map CAD messages to industry-standard formats. This allows you to exchange information with other software applications inside and beyond the enterprise.

Our notifications and interoperability interfaces give police, fire, emergency, and security agencies the ability
to send messages and notifications to a wide variety
of recipients through different types of media. Our emergency 9-1-1 software also supports the unique interface requirements for assisting in the dispatch of fire and EMS resources to emergency events, and provides the tools needed to quickly respond to fires and other major incidents.


  • Enhances interoperability via Microsoft BizTalk
  • Helps establish regional, interoperable security networks to safeguard communities
  • Reduces the cost of ownership and increases
    operational efficiencies through open, interoperable systems

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