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Public safety agencies generate massive amounts of data, which is used in applications such as CAD and records management systems. For instance, your CAD system collects vital call information such as time, location, and unit response. Your records management system logs accidents, arrest reports, citations, dispositions, known offenders, gang activity, and more. Agencies spend millions of dollars each year to collecting and store this data. Despite this, research shows that most operational decisions are still made on “gut feel,” rather than on facts.

Intergraph's analytics and reporting solutions unlock the power of your data, letting you interactively explore it using familiar terms. You can generate reports, visualize information, and get real-time performance monitoring using intuitive dashboards. You can rapidly compare current situations with related historical trends. To protect confidentiality, you can access and distribute information via easy-to-use, secure portals. These functions are useful in exposing relationships and trends, improving query capabilities, reporting, analyzing, and achieving operational excellence.

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Key Benefits


Business Intelligence

  • Make performance management decisions based on real facts – Get the insight you need to manage performance and base decisions on facts, rather than just assumptions.
  • Prepare for future issues based on past history – Identify patterns and associations that enable models to prepare for potential incidents or issues.
  • Get insight that leads to positive outcomes – Explore data using reports and dashboards – even on smartphones and tablets – to stay informed and achieve better outcomes.
  • Simplify accurate reporting for compliance with command staff requirements – Quickly and easily supply required reports to measure performance and justify funding.

Incident Analysis

  • Strategic Assessment – Identify priority neighborhoods and the conditions experienced within them.
  • Tactical Assessment – Locate where tactics have been deployed and display their impact.
  • Target Profiling – Profile areas where suspects/offenders reside and where they focus their activities.
  • Pattern Analysis – Identify emerging crime hot spots, connect a crime series, and predict where the offenders may reside.
  • Risk Analysis – Identify areas at a higher risk of incidents occurring.


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Customer References

  • VIDEO: Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Louisville uses Intergraph's Business Intelligence to unlock incident data for easy reporting, analysis, and performance monitoring. This information helps personnel analyze critical information and make smarter decisions that accelerate emergency response.
  • Alberta Health Services, Alberta, Canada. Alberta Health Services uses Intergraph's Business Intelligence to optimize emergency medical resources for 3.7 million residences. With our solution, they've reduced resource analysis time from hours to minutes!
  • Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium, U.S. The Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium protects about 500,000 residents. The consortium uses Intergraph software to pull data from CAD and records management to spot trends and plan for future service.

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