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“Stereo Analyst integrates so well with ArcGIS and has given us a huge boost in productivity and the quality of our work.”
John Barge, Mapping Technologist at Adirondack Park Agency, New York

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Want to do more in ArcGIS without outside contractors and extra cost?

With Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS you can add 3D feature extraction to your current workflows without replacing any of you existing system:

  • Use the tools you already know
  • Increase accuracy with stereo data collection
  • Collect topological features more easily

Want to do even MORE?

ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS displays terrain as points, lines, and triangles with contours. Dynamically update your data with these contours in the stereo window.

We also offer FeatureAssist for ArcGIS, an optional add-on extension to Stereo Analyst that allows you to collect complex roofs and model generation.

  • Stereo Analyst
  • ERDAS Terrain Editor
  • FeatureAssist


Extract Features in ArcGIS with Unparalleled Accuracy

Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS is a stereo feature collection tool that gathers and updates feature data maintained in ArcGIS. Working transparently on a “do-it-yourself” platform, Stereo Analyst enhances your visualization capabilities while supporting all the tools you’re already familiar with. Don’t leave your data to chance by using 2D digitized features from an orthorectified image. With Stereo Analyst, you can be more accurate with your data by extending your standard tools into the 3D world we live in.


  • Seamless Workflow in ArcGIS
    Working transparently on the ArcGIS platform, Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS enhances visualization capabilities while supporting all your ArcGIS tools. Adding to the workflow, it enables accurate feature collection without adding a separate photogrammetry package.
  • Increased Accuracy
    Collecting feature data in stereo increases your spatial accuracy when compared to digitizing features from an orthorectified image.
  • Easier Collection of Topological Features
    View an area in three dimensions with the interpretation of topological features. Collect features in X, Y and Z.


Edit your Geodatabase Terrain Files in Stereo

ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS lets you update a geodatabase terrain file. The geodatabase terrain is decomposed into points and breaklines with triangle and contour display. As the terrain is edited, contours are dynamically updated in the stereo window to help you visualize and interpret the terrain. A complete set of point, breakline, and area tools – including a tool for autocorrelating new points to participate in the terrain – are provided to modify the terrain.


  • Seamless Workflow in ArcGIS
    Like Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS, ERDAS Terrain Editor works transparently on the ArcGIS platform and extends your stereo edit capabilities for your geodatabase terrain files.
  • Based on LPS Terrain Editor
    ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS is based on the popular Terrain Editor module available within our premiere photogrammetry product, LPS. Each solution is tailored with respect to format support and user interface design and fits within the core platform’s user experience and workflows.


Easily Extract Buildings with Real-World Detail

FeatureAssist for ArcGIS is an add-on to Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS for the collection of roof structures in the ESRI Multipatch format. Using templates, FeatureAssist for ArcGIS can quickly collect these features, handling varying degrees of complexity. In addition to the templates, manual construction and editing tools help you create or modify any roof shape. To create a scene true to reality, roofs can be "extended to the ground" or to an existing terrain, creating a 3D model that can be used in a visualization package.


  • Templates Speed the Collection of Common Roof Shapes
    Many roofs have a common shape. Building templates within FeatureAssist provide a fast and easy way to collect common roof shapes. Have a roof with a repeating part? The copy and paste tool allows you to collect once and reuse.
  • ESRI Multipatch Format Support
    Construct and texturize a 3D model using a multipatch shapefile for realistic scene generation.
  • Are Your Buildings Flat?
    Extend the use of your data to other application areas by collecting the data in its real-world detail.
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