See More with Video Responder.

When an incident happens, there’s no substitute for an eyewitness to help you prepare. But that’s not always possible. How can you ensure smarter decisions for response?

Video Responder can help. It lets you remotely view unfolding situations, tying critical video data to Intergraph’s CAD workflow.

In Dispatcher mode, it displays the closest video feed to an incident, or shows you multiple feeds simultaneously. You can access these feeds on a geospatial map, where you can select them for instant viewing.

In Video Patroller mode, security personnel can monitor live feeds and trigger CAD events based on incidents spotted in the video. You can monitor activities in almost any location, reducing the need for more physical patrols.

Here’s What You Get.

  • Visual integration of geospatial maps and related data to heighten awareness
  • Automatic association of cameras with event location for easy, convenient access
  • Real-time information to reduce risks to responders and bystanders
  • Point-and-click access to the right video feeds located near incidents
  • Support for an unlimited number of cameras for trouble-free expansion
  • Value-added extension to I/CAD 9.2 that raises awareness and saves lives



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